7 Must-Have Data Management Capabilities
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Agile processes and automation are on the rise, causing companies to increasingly seek data virtualization solutions, which offer several important benefits:

First, maintenance is cheaper compared to traditional tools, and data virtualization, which does not rely on data replication, eliminates the costs of physical storage.

What’s more, data virtualization provides a fast way to manage company information. Regardless of where employees are at any given time, as long as they are online, they can access the information through cloud storage. Also, with data virtualization, each user accesses data in accordance with the manager’s guidelines. That is, data virtualization enables companywide data governance and security through the creation of user profiles, which is a very powerful feature for institutions.

When a company implements data virtualization, it maximizes performance, since data virtualization establishes connections directly with the data sources of origin, quickly providing actionable data.

The data virtualization solution offered by Ewave and Denodo offers all of the above features, as well as additional features related to security. The joint solution helps to establish a centralized access point for all types of information and metadata throughout the organization. With this solution, security, data governance, and performance monitoring can be effectively managed.

Here are seven key capabilities enabled by Ewave and Denodo:

  1. Dynamic Query Optimization

This makes it possible to automatically select the best query strategy for each execution, accelerating access to data.

  1. In-Memory Parallel Processing

This feature further accelerates data access with unparalleled speeds. If you are concerned about the speed with which you can search through your digital files, you can rest assured.

  1. A More Powerful View over Your Data

Get cloud storage with an interface that focuses on the needs of your business and your IT staff.

  1. Automated Lifecycle Management (LCM)-Based Functionality

If the goal is to make employees spend less time managing data, use automated features. That way, you’ll have more time to leverage the data to make critical decisions.

  1. Modern Data Services

This feature supports OAuth 2.0, SAML, OpenAPI, OData4, and other cloud standards, enabling companies to seamlessly communicate with today’s cloud systems.

  1. Continuous Security and Governance

Security is of the utmost importance for enterprises. Through Denodo’s solution in partnership with Ewave, count on secure, selective access to all company data, from a single point of control and management.

  1. The Ewave partnership with Denodo

Ewave partnered with Denodo, not only because it is a leading institution in the data virtualization market, but also for the agility of the Denodo Platform. Together, Ewave and Denodo take essential solutions to companies that want to differentiate themselves in the market and keep pace with the technological evolution.

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