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The current situation poses unprecedented challenges to our global community, even as the heroes of our healthcare systems fight tirelessly for our wellbeing. Internationally, countless individuals and companies have risen to the challenge with bold ideas, solutions, and services to improve the lives of people and patients. True to our commitment to be data driven yet people minded, we at pmOne have given considerable thought to how we can use our expertise to support people in this crisis.

Challenge: A Flood of Information

Numerous first-class reporting and dashboard solutions offer ways to collect and display COVID-19 information, but there was no convenient way for end users to interact with the data and generate additional insights through the use of data science functionality. Many felt flooded with information.

Solution: A Virtual Hub for COVID-19 Data

Our partner Denodo created an agile virtual database for COVID-19 data, the Coronavirus Data Portal (CDP). Using this as a foundation, we created reports based on data science and integrated them into our own virtualization portal that we call the pmOne Share Cockpit.

For the data science part of this initiative, we are primarily focused on capturing high-frequency changes in information and news, which has a significant influence on business decisions. Using classic data integration approaches, it would have been difficult to integrate this information in a timely manner, but the data virtualization capabilities of the CDP made the process fast and intuitive.

As a first step, the pmOne Share Cockpit aggregates existing and established public reporting solutions and provides advanced filtering capabilities. In parallel, our data science colleagues use algorithms to analyze the global news flows. By this time, initial results are already available on the dashboard.

A Critical Resource

The pmOne Share Cockpit is organized into three distinct modules:

  1. Aggregated data from Johns Hopkins University, the Robert Koch Institute, the World Health Organization (WHO), and other sources
  2. An interactive dashboard with filtering options and other tools, as well as data sets that can be extracted and downloaded
  3. A global news resource with more than 30 RSS feeds, enabling real-time analysis by keyword cluster, sentiment analysis, and the ratio of corona-relevant news in the overall news flow

All of the reports and artificial intelligence elements in the pmOne Share Cockpit are built on the virtual data layer provided by the Denodo Platform. By taking care of all of the data integration behind the scenes, in real time, the Denodo Platform enables us to focus on what we do best, which is report creation, AI development, and the orchestration of information streams. Denodo guarantees a powerful virtual data layer with seamless access to all of the data objects it embraces.

View the Live Results

Anyone can access the pmOne Share Cockpit via all common devices.

Visit, and enter the following credentials:

  • User:
  • Password: 4Demodashboard

We are proud to be able to offer this virtual hub of COVID-19 data. Please let us know, by commenting below, if you have ideas for more information that we can incorporate into this resource.

To learn more information on the development and deployment of the joined Covid-19 Virtual Hub enjoy a free on-demand webinar called “Managing the Impact of COVID-19 Using Data Virtualization”:

We look forward to any feedback you might have. Stay healthy!

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