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At a recent NYC roundtable panel for Chief Data Officers, global Business Process Management (BPM) company, WNS, mentioned that they see common pain points across their customer spectrum. Namely, that big data and the IoT are creating an exponential growth in data, but most of which is not converted into actionable insight or useful business analytics. This leads to a lack of visibility across the business and blinds the enterprise from a holistic and unified view of the data.

This pain point is often exacerbated when organizations lack an insight management strategy to refine their big data and analytics to tap into the required degree of granularity, or to draw valuable insight from their data which limits the enterprise from making informed business decisions or from accessing the goldmine of data that they’re often sitting on.

Additionally, existing approaches for data management have become technically and commercially impractical. Architecturally, these systems were not designed to store vast quantities of data, plus licensing structures mean that it is no longer feasible to continue with traditional approaches.

As a result, it is becoming increasingly common for system integrators to team up with technology companies to provide customized solutions to meet their customer’s needs. The business partnership between WNS and Denodo is a prime example of how an insight management strategy intertwines with a modern data integration platform to combine the best of business analytics and data virtualization – with the end result being that the customer can connect, combine and publish their data in real-time to deliver the insight and value that the enterprise needs.

Data virtualization provides a powerful solution to simplify and accelerate most data integration challenges. It’s a non-intrusive technology that does not alter the IT landscape, and fits seamlessly on top of existing systems and aggregates information in a virtual fashion. It also helps to access the big data as well as view the results through business analytics. When coupled with the services that BPM organizations provide (such as access to people and technology expertise through scalable frameworks, or rational approaches to the long-term business analytics needs of an enterprise) customers can leverage from a fully customized solution that provides a holistic view of the business.

To ensure that your business is not blinded and that you have the insight to take action, you first need to determine what’s hindering your view. And then find the best solution to benefit your business. Don’t fall victim to the old ‘hindsight’ adage – we all know it’s 20-20.

For more information on how data virtualization can be combined with business analytics, read Do You Have an Insight Management Strategy?

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