BlogImage_Denodo and Snowflake Pave the Way for Advanced Enterprise AI
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The Denodo Platform’s integration with the Snowflake Arctic large language model (LLM) is paving the way for advanced retrieval augmented generation (RAG) applications that combine the power of LLMs with efficient information retrieval. 

At the Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024 on June 3 -6, Denodo will showcase how the Denodo Platform will seamlessly interoperate with the Snowflake Arctic LLM, enabling companies to use and trust all their data for game-changing enterprise generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) applications, regardless of format or where the data is stored. Such applications can run the gamut from enhanced customer service, to sales performance analytics, to healthcare patient records,and more.

Logical Data Management Meets an Advanced LLM

The Denodo Platform is a logical data management, integration, and data delivery platform that establishes a centralized data access layer so all users can easily find, query, integrate, and securely share datasets, in real time, with breakthrough cost-effectiveness. With these capabilities, the Denodo Platform enables faster analytics and better informed business decisions.

Snowflake, which offers a cloud- based data platform, recently launched Arctic, an open-source LLM that is optimized for enterprise workloads. Arctic is designed to excel in complex tasks such as SQL and code generation, instruction following, and general language understanding. Its unique dense-MoE (Mixture of Experts), hybrid architecture delivers top-tier performance while being cost-effective both to develop and deploy.

Snowflake Cortex, an intelligent, fully-managed service that enables organizations to quickly analyze data and build AI applications within Snowflake, enables organizations to build full-stack RAG applications without external integrations or infrastructure management. This enables organizations to quickly develop RAG applications that leverage their proprietary data while providing data governance and security.

This powerful Denodo Platform/Snowflake Arctic and Cortex integration also unlocks the potential for building powerful RAG applications. RAG systems leverage the combined strength of information retrieval systems and language models, to provide more accurate, more contextually relevant responses.

Endless Potential for Enterprise GenAI

This integration opens up a world of GenAI possibilities for enterprises across a wide variety of industries. In the healthcare sector, this powerful combination can enhance patient care by providing doctors with real-time access to comprehensive medical records and enabling them to generate precise treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique circumstances. Financial institutions can leverage this combination to improve customer service, streamline loan processing, and more effectively detect fraudulent activities. They could provide precise, real-time reporting in response to loan officers’ inquiries by combining data retrieval with GenAI responses, demonstrating enhanced efficiency and accuracy. Manufacturers can optimize their supply chain operations by generating data-driven insights and recommendations based on real-time inventory, logistics, and demand data, via accurate, up-to-date information retrieval from multiple data sources.  

Join Us at the Summit!

Visit us at booth 1220 to see a demonstration of this enterprise data GenAI solution in action at Snowflake Summit in San Francisco on June 3-6. 

Also, hear from S&P Global (speaker: Dan Kadrovach, Jr. Director, Data Integration Solutions), a Denodo customer, on how the company uses Snowflake and the Denodo Platform to assist scientists in addressing climate change and greenhouse emissions by using advanced machine learning insights at Basecamp North Theater 1, 3:00 – 3:20 PM on June 3rd, Monday.