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Broaden Your Vision
You can’t monetize what you can’t see, and that’s why business intelligence is so critical. But the requirements for business intelligence are getting steadily more stringent. Companies need to know not only detailed information about their customers, for example, but as much as they can learn about specific customers, and specific transactions.

The Data Connection
Let’s take a look under the hood to see how this information is gained. Through Tableau, you can visualize your data, which comes from many different sources. These can be customer databases, which hold information like names and addresses, but they can also be transactional databases, which capture purchases, calls to customer service, or even downloads and other online activities. Each database can reside on different types of physical (or virtual) servers and speak a different language, but the beauty of it is that the data just shows up in your dashboard, all in one place.

This is due to the Denodo data virtualization layer, which sits between Tableau and all of your data sources, mediating between them, and speaking all of their languages. For all of your data to appear together, in your dashboard, this data virtualization layer works extremely quickly. It does so because it doesn’t carry any data of its own, but merely acts as the bridge between you and your different data sources. And because it works so quickly, you can use it to learn about events that happened in the last several seconds.

But do you see all that you want to see?

Your Data Strategy
The way to deepen and broaden your business intelligence is to look at your data. Any source of data is fair game, so take a step back, think about what you need, and start a strategy for getting it into your dashboard. Do you want to know what your customers are saying about you online? Are you curious about how many times they’ve called support? The sky’s the limit. Also, identify all of the data that needs to be retrieved in real time. A customer’s name is not likely to change very often, whereas a customer’s transaction status could change constantly.

Denodo has partnered with leading business intelligence providers such as Tableau to help customers access, analyze and understand their data. For more information regarding the Tableau and Denodo partnership, and to learn how you can configure Tableau and Denodo to broaden your intelligence horizon, visit

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