Denodo Achieves AWS Data and Analytics ISV CompetencyDenodo Achieves AWS Data and Analytics ISV Competency
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The Denodo Platform, which simplifies data management with real-time data access across myriad different data sources, can be flexibly installed on-premises or in the cloud, as a cloud-native implementation, to enable a wide range of use cases. Denodo has been steadily improving the platform’s cloud capabilities, and recently, the Denodo Platform for AWS earned the Data and Analytics ISV Competency from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

To earn this Competency, Denodo had to prove to Amazon that it was a partner with deep expertise in data integration, data management, and the delivery of distributed data for business intelligence (BI) and advanced analytics for enterprise and medium-sized companies that use AWS services. You can also read an official announcement about how it demonstrates Denodo’s success in helping companies using AWS to integrate, manage, and deliver distributed data for analytical workloads in this Press Release.

What Does this Mean for Potential Users of the Denodo Platform for AWS?

This designation shows that the Denodo Platform for AWS is the result of a longstanding, deeply-thought-out partnership between Denodo and AWS.

As customers adopt AWS Cloud, they are likely to leverage several AWS Cloud Data Services such as Redshift, RDS, S3, and Athena. In addition, as they transition to the cloud, particularly in a hybrid state, to leave data in many silos.

To break down these data silos, the Denodo Platform for AWS creates a logical data consumption/access layer that isolates data consumers from the underlying data sources, simplifying data delivery. This enables anyone in the organization to find, access, and share the information they need to improve decision making, data analytics, business reporting, and more. This also accelerates the migration of databases, data warehouses, and other on-premises data sources, as users experience no changes throughout the migration.

By leveraging the Denodo Platform for AWS, companies can:

  • Deliver data to business users in real time, 90% faster than traditional data pipelines
  • Reduce costs by minimizing data replication, resulting in a lower TCO than other data integration approaches, such as extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes
  • Implement strong data security and data governance provisions
  • Start small, demonstrate value, and use autoscaling capabilities as needed to quickly grow
Denodo Reference Architecture for Data Analytics

The Syngenta Story

Syngenta, one of the world’s largest agrochemical companies, manages a tremendous amount of data. The research and development team of Syngenta’s seeds division alone runs over a hundred thousand field trials a year, which generate billions of data points a year. Syngenta had been managing data collection, for predictive analytics, via 200 applications, each with its own web server, application server, and database.  

Syngenta migrated five petabytes of genomic, phenotypic, environmental, and image data to AWS, but this was just the beginning of an extensive modernization journey. Syngenta wanted to modernize its applications, rationalizing them to reduce unnecessary redundancy, and enable access in an application layer rather than individually. Syngenta needed to make these changes while also improving the speed of data access and security.

Syngenta implemented the Denodo Platform for AWS, which enabled the company to establish a unified data access layer on top of all of the different databases that had proliferated in service of the applications. Leveraging the Denodo Platform’s data virtualization capabilities, Syngenta was able to implement business views over the entire data access layer, which enabled not only a zero-downtime, phased migration to the new systems, but also real-time access to trusted data within the myriad sources, circumventing duplication issues. Watch Syngenta’s presentation at AWS re:Invent 2022, to learn more.

Try It out, for Free

For an opportunity to experience, first hand, the benefits of the Denodo Platform for AWS, take advantage of a free 30-day trial of Denodo Professional, via the AWS Marketplace, which includes a 30-minute consultation with a Denodo cloud expert and ongoing sales-engineer support.

Mitesh Shah