Coronavirus Data Portal
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In these unprecedented turbulent times, with the intent to help alleviate the ramifications caused by COVID-19, Denodo has created an open, collaborative platform called Coronavirus Data Portal. Using the strength of our data virtualization product, the portal integrates disparate global data, curates them, and then makes them available to data scientists, analysts, and researchers to help find solutions to this deadly disease. A while back when this pandemic quickly unfolded, I wrote about our intention to embark on this corporate social responsibility initiative by working with our customers and partners. I would like to take this opportunity to provide an update of what we have accomplished so far and welcome your support to help expand this project.

About the Coronavirus Data Portal

Deprecation note: Please be aware that the Coronavirus Data Portal, and all it’s related pages will be unpublished the next March 31st, 2022.

As mentioned above, the Coronavirus Data Platform (CDP) is the result of Denodo’s corporate social responsibility initiative to create an open and collaborative platform to work with our customers, partners, and community at large to help accelerate finding solutions to the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. The Coronavirus Data Portal provides a platform to:

  • Suggest, upload, and share global data about the disease (disease incidence and mortality, health care availability, vaccine research, economic impact, and others).
  • Research and combine data about COVID-19 to enable different perspectives to fight the pandemic.
  • Create visualizations of the combined data using BI tools like Tableau and Power BI, to gain powerful insights from the data.
  • Extend the platform for broader use, via the API service layer, by connecting CDP to other applications.

But we cannot do it alone; that is why we want to partner with you to help build it out.

Why do this Initiative?

The intention of CDP is to aid data consumers like data scientists, analysts, developers, and researchers, to help their fight against this pandemic. The curated data sets in CDP integrated from legitimate global data repositories will empower any organization to comprehend the infectious disease modelling practices and evidence-based outbreak control methods combined with crucial scientific underpinnings.

The Progress Thus Far

We have been collaborating with customers, partners, and other organizations, pooling together our collective genius to devise productive solutions for COVID-19. To date, we have discussed the CDP initiative with large systems integrators, nonprofit organizations, universities, government institutions, researchers, and healthcare providers.

To aid the acceleration of the discovery of solutions for medical research and public health management in any territory worldwide, we have provided our customers and partners with access to unlimited capacity of the Denodo Platform, at no additional cost, for all initiatives related to the COVID-19 for the next three months with automatic extension while the state of emergency remains in force.

Denodo data stewards and data engineers have added more reliable data sets to CDP for a rich data environment. We have integrated about 37 different data sets and created more than 350 different data views.

Also, we have dispensed Denodo Express – COVID-19 Edition as a fully functional analytics sandbox, free for use to develop solutions against the Coronavirus pandemic.

Finally, to facilitate employees’ involvement in local non-profit relief programs that health authorities are implementing in the different locations, we have allocated one day per week to those employees who decide to join non-profits in fighting the pandemic.

How You can Help

As an open data portal, users can access the datasets and contribute their own datasets – or derived datasets – back to the data portal for others to use. Please let us know of data set that you think should be added to the data portal. Fill out this simple form and we’ll take a look at the data.

You can download the Denodo Express COVID-19 Edition from the Denodo Community portal. In the coming weeks, we’ll also provide a cloud-hosted sandbox to allow you to build derived data sets in a hosted environment.

Based on the current state of the crisis, the end seems to be far away. But with you and us working together, we can certainly help accelerate the solutions to fight this terrible disease and save lives, livelihood of workers, and our global economy.