The Essential Tools for Boosting Business Insights and Transforming Productivity
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No one likes to wait for IT to deliver reports that are critical for analysis. And certainly, no analyst can afford to wait while emails are sent back and forth, just so they can get the data they need. Unfortunately, these are real scenarios that result in lost productivity. Many businesses overcome these issues by implementing self-service reporting and analytics, but they cannot do so without the right set of tools.

Seacoast Bank Is No Exception

Seacoast Bank, one of the largest community banks with headquarters in Florida, was facing similar issues. Seacoast wanted to provide self-service data intelligence and information to its internal business users such as loan managers, operations managers, and other internal business decision makers. These stakeholders wanted to be able to take operational snapshots of data in near real time, so they could make better, more insightful business decisions.

“One of our main challenges was that business users could not interact with data,” explains Mark Blanchette, VP of business technology and data management at Seacoast Bank. “They were left with static reports.”

A Complete Picture of the Enterprise

Seacoast needed to provide analysts with a complete, up-to-date picture of all of the bank’s information. Seacoast found the answer in a logical data warehouse, enabled by data virtualization. “Data virtualization was a key component of our logical data warehouse solution,” says Mark. “We were able to deliver a solution to the business users in considerably less time than would have been possible using traditional methods.”

Self-service data access for business users was the top priority for Seacoast Bank’s IT department.

“With the Denodo Platform, we were able to accelerate business self-service,” says Mark. “Business users can more easily get to the data in real time and are able to combine that with the data that may reside in hosted environment as well.”

Mark and his team chose the Denodo Platform for data virtualization over several other alternatives. According to Mark, “The Denodo Platform turned out to be the best solution in terms of administration and ease-of-use, and it met all our evaluation criteria.”SELF S

Watch Mark Blanchette Tell Seacoast Bank’s Success Story:

An Even Brighter Future Ahead

Offering its customers the best products and services has always been Seacoast Bank’s highest priority. The company needs to make sure that every byte of its enterprise data is at the disposal of its business users, whether from loan origination, deposit, operational risk, information security or other departments.

Mark’s says, “Our users have a long laundry list of other data sources that they would like to get their hands on for analysis.”

While Seacoast Bank leveraged data virtualization to create a haven for business users with a logical data warehouse, data virtualization can be put to many other uses, as can be seen in numerous success stories across industries.


Saptarshi Sengupta