Keeping Millions of Customers Happy with Data Virtualization
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If telecommunications subscribers are not happy with their providers, they can easily switch. This is why keeping customers happy is more than a top priority for providers; it is the difference between success and failure.

Get is a Norwegian telecommunications provider with over a million customers. The company provides broadband, mobile, and television services, and for years has distributed television content using a traditional linear consumption model. Get recently began to offer on-demand content, but to do that effectively the company needed to target each of their customers individually. Get stakeholders identified this as primarily a data problem, and not an easy one.

The Data Integration Challenge

Get representatives had a very brief windows of time with which to engage with customers. The challenge was to capture customer actions, such as their recently viewed or purchased content, and integrate this data with the rest of what they know about the customer, ideally in real time, so that at any moment, representatives can meet customer needs. Unfortunately, data was stored across multiple different systems, so integration was not instantaneous, and sometimes it took as long as several hours. Even more challenging, each system needed to be accessed using different methods and protocols, adding time and complexity to the data-integration process. It took even more time when systems needed to be added, removed, or changed in any way.

A Streamlined Data Integration Solution

Get management had heard about data virtualization, and how it acts as a universal data-access layer that decouples end users from the complexities of accessing the different systems, so the company looked for a solution that leveraged that technology. Get stakeholders also knew that data virtualization promised to integrate data in real time, without physically moving the data to a new centralized location.

The company settled on the Denodo Platform, a full-fledged data virtualization platform with advanced features like automatic query optimization, for fast performance; data cataloging capabilities, for fast, intuitive browsing; and strong support for cloud and other modern systems.

Keeping Customers Happy

Get management highly appreciates the results achieved through implementing the Denodo Platform. The Denodo Platform has helped members of the sales team to get to know their customers better, which is instrumental in helping Get to design personalized products that keep customers happy. By establishing a multi-purpose virtual layer using data virtualization, Get is now able to provide analysts with integrated data from across multiple departments and touch-points, quickly enough to support timely, important business decisions. Because of this, the Denodo Platform accelerated Get’s entire development cycle.

In the video below, Michael Besin Hansen, head of data systems at Get, was able to sit down with Denodo to share Get’s data virtualization success story. If you are struggling with getting to know your customers better to launch personalized products, you should consider data virtualization as the fastest, most effective data integration strategy.

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Saptarshi Sengupta