Kickstart your Google Cloud integration with the Denodo Platform
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For Google Cloud fans, the wait is over. You can now take advantage of the Denodo Platform’s data virtualization capabilities via offerings on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace. With Denodo’s connector for Google BigQuery, you can experience a whole new level of data integration and analytics in the cloud, which will not only help accelerate your transition to cloud workloads but also simplify your logical data warehousing needs in a hybrid, multi-cloud environment.

For those who are new to data virtualization as a data integration and data management technique, here’s a video that will get you started.

With support for a variety of Google data sources in the cloud, such as BigQuery, CloudSQL, Cloud DataProc, Cloud storage, and a lot more, users can experience the Denodo Platform’s highly configurable vendor- and version-agnostic connectors for REST and OData, enabling connection to any HTTP API. This also includes support for different formats (XML, JSON, CSV) and HTTP methods (GET, POST), as well as native support for OAuth, NTLM, SPNEGO, etc.

The Denodo Platform for Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Let’s look at some of the business challenges that GCP users come across, and how the Denodo Platform can help.

  • Data-as-a-Service (DaaS): Information agility and provisioning is a key data distribution model in which a variety of data (structured and semi-structured) across Google cloud storage and web services can be made available to users via an API endpoint. Denodo API support can help expose this data in a centralized manner, streamlining the DaaS model.
  • Simplifying Cloud Migration (Data warehouse modernization or data lake creation): Data virtualization acts as a common access point for both internal and external data sources, data warehouse modernization using Google BigQuery, and Google DataProc, providing a single schema with no replication: Virtual data lakes enable the combination of data across sources, regardless of type or location, enabling the definition of a common semantic model across disparate sources.
  • Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI) and Data Science in the Cloud: With the Denodo Platform for GCP, customers can leverage the Denodo Platform’s data catalog to search and tag the right datasets for analytics and ML projects. This will also help data scientists to combine data stored in the virtual data lake and data virtualization layer to build models in a quick and easy manner, putting cloud elasticity to work, and using the data lineage capabilities of the  Denodo Platform to access all of the data in a governed fashion.

For starters, we offer the most flexible and easy-to-use test drive, based on the data-as-a-service use case scenario. This provides a hands-on experience with learning data virtualization skills in less than two hours. Simply sign up in 5 minutes and launch your test drive instance on the GCP cloud. Here’s a good view of what you will experience:

For those who are already familiar with data virtualization but want to seriously kick the tires, we offer two flavors of the Denodo 30-day free trial. You can get started for free by invoking the Denodo managed free trial, or you can start the free trial under your GCP account, to get close and cozy with your own data sets.

Last but not least, users can go full force by leveraging Denodo’s offerings on the GCP Marketplace, starting as low as a couple of dollars an hour. It’s a pay-as-you-go model, and you can grow and scale at your own pace. The best part is that you also get access to enterprise Denodo support and a wide range of other resources through the Denodo Community.

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Easy access to a wide breadth of data:  Connect, combine, and consume data from a wide variety of data sources including Google BigQuery, Google Storage, and other Google cloud data sources, to provide a more data-driven approach to advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning.
  • On-premises, cloud, and multi-cloud interoperability: The Denodo Platform’s ability to deliver real-time access to Google BigQuery cloud-native APIs enables frictionless data movement between existing on-premises and cloud data sources, and Google Cloud Storage.
  • Fast, intelligent execution of data queries: BigQuery can be leveraged as a high-performance caching database for the Denodo Platform in the cloud. This supports advanced optimization techniques like data movement (data shipping), which enable multi-pass executions based on intermediate temporary tables.

The time is now

Whether you are just interested in a free test drive or the widely used free trial, there is nothing better than knowing that enterprise architects, data engineers, and business analysts can all benefit from data virtualization to meet data integration needs.  We would love to hear about your experience and to support you in your cloud journey, whether you are engaged in BI Analytics, unified data governance in the cloud, or accelerating your data science projects using data virtualization in the cloud. Feel free to connect with us via email at and request a free 30-minute consultation around your business use case.

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Mitesh Shah