Performance in Logical Architectures and Data Virtualization with the Denodo Platform and Presto MPP
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In the realm of logical architectures and data virtualization, one question consistently arises: Can these architectures deliver the performance required for complex analytics scenarios? Today, we’ll explore the answer to this pressing question and dive into the game-changing integration of Presto MPP with the Denodo Platform.

Unlocking Unparalleled Performance

When discussing logical architectures with our customers, performance is a top concern. Can these systems handle the demands of complex analytics, especially when dealing with massive datasets with hundreds of millions of rows, or even billions? The answer is a resounding “yes.” Logical data management systems, such as the Denodo Platform, which is powered by data virtualization, have been meticulously designed to excel in precisely these scenarios.

Optimized Query Processing

The Denodo Platform’s secret weapon is its advanced query optimization techniques. The Denodo optimizer incorporates cutting-edge query push-down strategies, which leverage the best strengths of data warehouses, data lakes, and other common underlying data sources in analytical environments. This means that you can expect lightning-fast response times, even when you need to deal with vast datasets. Performance isn’t solely about query optimization. The Denodo Platform takes performance a step further by harnessing artificial intelligence-based techniques to automatically analyze historical system usage and propose intelligent caching strategies. These strategies can significantly boost workload performance, greatly enhancing the efficiency of your analytical tasks.

Presto MPP Integration

Denodo introduced massively parallel processing (MPP) capabilities by integrating the popular Presto engine into its platform. Now, when you choose the Denodo Platform, you’re also gaining access to MPP capabilities that can turbocharge your data processing.

One immediate benefit of this integration is solving specific customer challenges. For instance, when your primary data source resides in an object store like Amazon S3, and you’re dealing with data formats like Apache Iceberg or Parquet, you need lightning-fast response times and seamless integration with other data sources. The Denodo Platform, with its Presto MPP integration, becomes the ideal solution for achieving these goals.

Empowering Query Optimization

The integration of Presto MPP with the Denodo Platform represents a significant leap forward in query optimization capabilities. The Denodo Platform already boasts one of the most powerful query optimizers for logical architectures in the market, and it’s even more formidable with Presto MPP on board.

When it comes to achieving peak performance in data virtualization and logical architectures, the Denodo Platform stands tall. Its advanced query optimization techniques, AI-driven caching, and the integration of Presto MPP, make it a powerhouse solution for even the most complex analytics scenarios. Say goodbye to sluggish data processing, and say hello to lightning-fast insights with the Denodo Platform. Your data-driven future starts here.

Alberto Pan