The Magic of Real-Time Reports
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Altus Analytics provides real estate investors with the technology and data they need to derive the best value from their properties. Comprehensive, value added reports are at the heart of what they provide, but these were taking them a few hours to create and deliver. Would they be able to improve their delivery time? With the Denodo Platform at the heart of their recently implemented new BI infrastructure, Altus Analytics are actually able to deliver the same reports in real time, which makes all the difference in the world for their customers.

A Fragile Infrastructure

Prior to the new improvements, their BI infrastructure was very fragile. When moved, removed, or changed a data source, the system would require at least a few hours of tweaking. Their main challenge was that from source to report, the data needs to undergo some fairly substantial transformations. The source data is primarily drawn from their data warehouse, which is highly normalized, whereas the reports are composed almost entirely in business-friendly discourse and terminology.

With the previous BI infrastructure, not only did reports take as much as several hours to deliver, but the development was so unpredictable that they were unable to furnish their customers with even the roughest ETAs. Would a report be delivered before the end of the day? They were just unable to furnish this basic information.

Reporting, Transformed

In Altus Analytic’s newly designed BI infrastructure, the Denodo Platform is implemented as a layer between the data warehouse and their collection of visualization and reporting tools. The Denodo Platform performs all of the necessary transformations on real-time views of the data stored in the data warehouse, and then immediately delivers the transformed data to every applicable reporting tool, in the exact format required by each.

The net result is that just as soon as Altus Analytics have the data, customers can access it in their reports, and that is a massive leap forward for them.

In the video below, Gordon Griffin, Chief Architect at Altus Analytics was able to tell their story personally. If your organization is interested in magically transforming one-or-two-hour reports into real-time reports, you might consider taking a serious look at the Denodo Platform.

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Saptarshi Sengupta