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BITanium, based out of South Africa, is a longstanding Denodo partner. Here, I would like to highlight the stories of two companies that have leveraged our partnership to unlock the full power of data within their organizations.

First, a little background on BITanium: We are a consulting company with extensive experience in banking, insurance, healthcare, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), mining, and retail. We build, run, and support modern data environments that meet business goals, using advanced technology solutions like the Denodo Platform, and we are focused on solving the problems that arise in a constantly evolving data landscape.

The Story of Amalgamated Banks of South Africa (ABSA)

Amalgamated Banks of South Africa (ABSA) is one of the largest banks in Johannesburg. Like many large financial institutions, ABSA had been through a number of acquisitions and divestments, but recent acquisitions had left the bank with the responsibility of managing two separate data warehouses. ABSA wanted to bring both of these into a single data lake, but during the transition, ABSA needed to continue to provide uninterrupted access to both data warehouses.

BITanium and Denodo implemented a logical data fabric across both data warehouses and the new data lake, which provides real-time access to integrated data across all three systems, simultaneously. With the logical data fabric, ABSA was able to move both data warehouses to the data lake without users noticing that a largescale migration was taking place behind the scenes. This architecture also enabled ABSA to enable seamless access to a variety of sources that were normally accessed separately, such as a trade store.

Because the logical data fabric provided a unified data-access layer across ABSA’s three data sources, it simplified data governance across the different sources, as well as any new ones. The logical data fabric also improved security, since all of the data had to be subject to ABSA’s central provisions.

ABSA estimates that the data integration process was 10 times faster, and that the logical data fabric eliminated a lot of the maintenance activity that had been required by the two original data warehouses. Finally, ABSA appreciated the data catalog that comes with the Denodo Platform, which provides a comprehensive list of all available data, and even provides access, right from the same interface.

The Story of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange Limited (JSE)

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange Limited (JSE) is Africa’s largest stock exchanges. Online, the JSE facilitates the secure settlement of hundreds of millions of trades with 100% accuracy, 100% of the time, every day. Some of these transactions are worth billions of U.S. dollars and rely on the real-time orchestration of over 190 different static and streaming systems, some of which run processes with very fast response times (less than 60 microseconds).

The JSE can main these performance levels, and has done so since 2012, because of a logical data fabric – implemented by BITanium and Denodo – between all of JSE’s data sources and all of JSE’s data consumers. This logical data fabric creates real-time, integrated views of all transactions at any point in time and makes these views available instantly to all authorized parties.

Because the views are virtual, they have no impact on the performance of the source systems, which can continue to perform at the required levels, even during periods of heavy reporting. The JSE also leveraged power of data and the logical data fabric to establish a single version of the truth, which has been critical for maintaining transaction integrity.

BITanium and Denodo unlock the Power of Data

For more information on how BITanium and Denodo work together, and how we might be able to help your organization to unlock the full power of your data, please see our joint solution brief.

~ Written by Kevin McKerr, Sales Leader at BITanium Consulting

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