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Ever since 2015, when the price of oil dropped precipitously, oil and gas companies have had to find every opportunity to reduce expenses while maximizing every available revenue source. For Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, this meant transforming its analytics capabilities, which would enable the company to more effectively respond to business, technological, and competitive change.

Like the Wild West

Quinn Lewis, Anadarko’s integration and platform services manager, explained that the company’s existing analytics capabilities were hindered by the need to integrate data across many different kinds of sources. “We were using a variety of spreadsheets and access databases,” says Lewis. “Stakeholders were extracting it out of corporate systems and distributing it via many different formats just so people could access it.” Anadarko’s data analytics infrastructure lacked governance and accountability, due to the ad-hoc nature of data development and distribution. “Nobody knew where it came from,” said Lewis, “And nobody could guarantee its authenticity. We had no ability to trace the data back to the original sources, what changes were made along the way, or when.”

Anadarko also needed a reliable way to integrate sensor data in real time, as well as to integrate a growing list of new sources, such as industry subscription data, to be used in competitive intelligence.

Analytics, Reimagined

As a key component of its analytics transformation, Anadarko implemented the Anadarko Virtual Integrated Data (AVID) environment, built on the Denodo Platform. AVID is a self-service data delivery environment that provides real-time, integrated views across over 20 sources, including corporate and non-corporate sources. In addition to flat files and traditional on-premises databases, these also include cloud and in-memory repositories. It bridges not only multiple platforms but multiple departments, such as business, engineering, geoscience, and finance, enhancing cross-departmental collaboration.

AVID provides a single, governed environment for accessing data. Powered by the Denodo Platform, AVID controls the rights and privileges for all contributors and consumers, and enables any interested stakeholder to trace the lineage for any view, back to its original sources, including all changes, with dates.

AVID’s real-time, integrated views enhanced and accelerated a variety of analytics, including tax analysis, determining when oil wells are ready for production, vehicle fleet management, and competitive intelligence.

Anadarko relies on the Denodo Platform as a core foundation for the AVID environment. “I’m very excited about what Denodo has to offer,” says Lewis. “For us, the Denodo Platform has resulted in a significant change in the way we approach data, and the way we interact with users. AVID provides a common, shared platform for IT and the business side. The platform balances that quick response with a managed, governed approach, in a shared environment. I look forward to working more with Denodo.”

Watch as Quinn Lewis talks about the genesis for AVID, and the power of data virtualization:

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