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Organizations are challenged by a complex mix of data sources, so they struggle to harness trusted, actionable insights in a timely manner. To more effectively keep up with business expectations, they need a nimble technology like data virtualization, which enables them to simplify data management across multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

Data virtualization streamlines data integration in the cloud for enterprises undergoing rapid digital transformation. The cloud is not just an important technology in your data management architecture, it’s a must-have technology.

Fasten Your Seatbelts

Let’s put this into perspective via a simplified way to learn data virtualization using a Denodo Test Drive on Azure. This is an experience that you do not want to miss. It showcases a simple, on-demand data access scenario involving many sources used as integrated data services leveraging intelligent, real-time query optimization, caching, in-memory processing, and hybrid-specific strategies. The included data services can scale horizontally or vertically to meet most analytical and application use cases.

The Denodo Test Drive provides a quick peek into a live data virtualization scenario, and covers:

  • How data virtualization facilitates rapid cloud adoption
  • How enterprises can thrive in this hybrid world
  • How a simple test drive can make it so easy to learn data virtualization in the cloud to stay ahead of the competition

Once you experience data virtualization without having to install or configure it, your comprehension will skyrocket, and you will rapidly proceed along the learning curve.

The Denodo Test Drive provides a private sandbox with a preconfigured solution that enables data architects, BI developers, data engineers, and data scientists/business analysts to see first-hand how data virtualization provides immediate access to multiple data sources, regardless of location and format, with zero replication.

In less than an hour, using a step-by-step guide in a virtual-reality-like environment, participants can launch a data virtualization instance, login to the Test Drive environment, and learn how to use data virtualization in a real-world context. The diagram below depicts the variety of complex data sources that the Test Drive covers

Denodo and Azure Data Sources:

Denodo and Azure Data Sources:

Below is the use case scenario that the Test Drive will walk you through. It shows how retail users (for example) can initiate and combine data from different big data sources (structured and unstructured) and present the integrated data to analysts and data scientists as a single, integrated data fabric.

You will learn about the optimization capabilities of the Denodo Platform, the performance characteristics of different strategies, and best practices around quickly defining the data model, which involves generating a sample BI report (“Same Store Sales By Year”), to provide retail business insight derived using a TPCDS data set.


A sample set of Power BI reports will even show you how easy it is to integrate data visualization with data virtualization. We would love to hear about your experience via a feedback form that you’ll receive via email in the Test Drive. A single click will get you started, so go ahead!

Don’t hold yourself back, start here!

Mitesh Shah