Build a Virtual Data Mart with the Denodo Platform in Just 10 Minutes
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With data ever increasing in volume, variety, and velocity, the pressure is on to be able to access data in real time, to serve increasingly demanding analytics. We need to be able to develop insights from data, and act on our insights, as quickly as possible, and we certainly cannot afford to wait months, or even years, for such insights, because by that time, the data will be out-of-date and far less reliable.

Unfortunately, the traditional data warehouse presents challenges:

  1. Time to Market – Data is delivered in scheduled batches, which takes time.
  2. Quality – When data is physically copied and replicated to new repositories, it creates multiple copies of the same datasets, which can become out-of-synch.
  3. Accessibility – Many organizations use multiple reporting tools, which can result in duplicate business rules and catalogs, and now way to create a single view across all tools, all of which hinders accessibility.

A Better Way

Data virtualization is a modern data integration technology that can surmount each of these challenges. Rather than physically collecting data and storing it in a new repository, like a data warehouse, data virtualization provides real-time views across disparate sources of data, enabling organizations to connect to the data in its original locations. Data virtualization makes it possible to build a virtual data mart.   

In the demo below, we will demonstrate how you can build a virtual data mart, using the Denodo Platform, in 10 minutes or less. This data mart will connect to three different data sources – Amazon Redshift, SQL Server, and – and two different reporting tools – Microsoft Power BI and Tableau.

This demo shows how a sales department and a forecasting department can create different reports, each with its own data model, using the same underlying data. By using the Denodo Platform to establish a logical data fabric that unifies the data, each department will be able to access the data they need in their own chosen format.

Watch the Demo Now

Denodo Customers in Action

The Denodo Platform is leveraged by companies all over the globe and across many different industries. See our page of Denodo Customer Success Stories, and read about their success in agile BI, big data Analytics, logical data warehousing, and more.

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