Working with Partners to Expand Customer Horizons
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In this post, I’d like to explain how Denodo works with partners to better serve you, our customers, with a rich set of tailored, powerful solutions.

Our Technology Partners

Denodo is best-of-breed when it comes to modern data management technology, as our platform is powered by data virtualization. Our technology partners are best-of-breed in strategic complementary areas such as data visualization, data storage, data governance, or security.

Our goal is to provide you with the best integrated solution that draws on both companies’ strengths. So we work very closely with each of our technology partners to ensure maximum interoperability, so that all of your queries work instantly and flawlessly, whether you’re working in the context of business intelligence (BI), data services, or applications.

Our Channel Partners

Because we are focused on expanding our platform and support, we also work with channel partners, systems integrators, and consultants to make sure that you are using the Denodo Platform to the fullest extent possible within your organization.

These channel partners can provide value to you in myriad ways.

As experts in their fields, they can assist you in forming your overall data strategy, offer best practices for leveraging data virtualization in the context of specific solutions, and provide guidance in developing effective maturity models for measuring and managing to success.

They can demonstrate the most effective ways of working with the Denodo Platform, in terms of design and implementation. Post implementation, they can ensure that the performance, scalability, security, governance, and other aspects of the Denodo Platform are all smoothly managed.

Our Professional Services

To supplement the industry expertise, domain expertise, or functional expertise of our partners, we maintain a very thin layer of professional services. These are Denodo Platform experts with direct access to our product development department, and they support our partners so that so that can serve you more effectively.  

For example, we provide Denodo Periodic Assessment and Success Services, which is a way for customers and partners to ensure that they’re getting the most out of the Denodo Platform, and Insights, which is geared toward strategically positioning the capabilities of data virtualization in the context of large, complex projects.

Expanded Possibilities

I believe that we have a very customer-friendly go-to-market model when it comes to partners. We value our strong partner network, and we want to use it to provide you with the best possible customer experience.

Learn more by exploring the Denodo website or talking to your services advisor on how best to utilize our broad network of capabilities.

Suresh Chandrasekaran