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I was thrilled when Denodo was chosen to participate in the Tableau Conference 2023 just a few ago. We were proud to showcase the seamless integration between the Denodo Platform and Tableau, demonstrating how our collaboration enhances the data experience for Tableau customers. The conference served as an excellent platform for us to demonstrate the power of logical data management. During the event, we showcased how it unifies disparate data sources, enables real-time access, and expands data access for advanced analytics. It also provided the perfect setting for learning about exciting new Tableau updates and new feature announcements. I was especially excited to hear the announcement of Tableau GPT, the next generation of Tableau that will make analyzing data as simple as posing a question. Tableau plans to power this with Einstein, the artificial intelligence (AI) that currently makes Salesforce products smarter.

A Powerful Partnership

Participating in this conference enabled us to strengthen our partnership with Tableau and reinforce our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our mutual customers. We proudly highlighted the success stories and use cases of our joint customers. They have leveraged the Denodo Platform and Tableau to unlock their data’s full potential. Denodo’s collaboration with Tableau showcased the transformative power of our combined technologies. It improved data accessibility and governance, enabled real-time analytics, and fostered data-driven decision-making. We are committed to empowering organizations with cutting-edge data management capabilities and driving data-driven success in collaboration with Tableau.

In today’s data-driven era, organizations seek valuable insights from vast amounts of data for informed decision-making. The combination of the Denodo Platform and Tableau seamlessly enables this to happen. In the rest of this post, I will explore how the Denodo Platform can complement the new Tableau GPT functionality and how the integration of both technologies can streamline the analytics journey.


Photo 1. Pedro Arellano, SVP & GM, Tableau announcing Tableau GTP at Tableau Conference 2023 in Las Vegas.

The Versatility of the Denodo Platform

The Denodo Platform is a logical data management solution, powered by data virtualization, that seamlessly integrates and unifies disparate data sources, regardless of their location or format. It acts as a logical data abstraction layer, providing a consolidated, real-time view of data from multiple systems, databases, and applications. The Denodo Platform’s data integration capabilities streamline data access. This enables Tableau GPT to leverage a broader range of data sources for analysis, including cloud-based platforms, legacy systems, APIs, and more.

Advanced Analytics with Tableau GPT

A game-changing innovation, Tableau GPT is powered by generative AI to simplify and democratize data analysis. It is built on the trusted, ethical principles of Einstein, for enhanced reliability and safety. It enables automated data analysis, pattern recognition, and predictive modelling, to uncover deeper insights from complex datasets. Tableau GPT enhances the capabilities of Tableau, providing users with intelligent recommendations, automated insights, and augmented data preparation. It empowers organizations to extract valuable knowledge from their data and make data-driven decisions with greater efficiency.

Enhancing the Tableau Experience

When the Denodo Platform and Tableau GPT are integrated, Tableau customers can unlock several key benefits, including:

Data Unification: The Denodo Platform’s logical data management capabilities provide Tableau GPT with a unified view of data from diverse sources. By integrating data silos and disparate systems, organizations can access a comprehensive, holistic data landscape within Tableau. The elimination of manual data consolidation simplifies the process of accessing and analyzing data, accelerating insights and decision-making. This significantly reduces the need for manual effort and enhances efficiency in data management.

Expanded Data Access: The Denodo Platform’s ability to connect to a wide range of data sources means Tableau GPT can leverage an extensive array of structured and unstructured data. With connections to over 200 data sources, the Denodo Platform lets organizations tap into a comprehensive, distributed data ecosystem as easily and simply as connecting to a single data source. This expanded data access enhances the depth and breadth of insights generated by Tableau GPT.

Real-Time Insights: The Denodo Platform’s real-time data access capabilities enable Tableau GPT to analyze data as it is generated. This empowers organizations to obtain real-time insights and make immediate data-driven decisions. By eliminating data latency and providing up-to-the-minute analytics, the integration enhances the timeliness and relevance of insights delivered by Tableau GPT.

Agility and Scalability: The Denodo Platform’s agility and scalability complement Tableau GPT’s ability to handle large, complex datasets. The Denodo Platform’s query optimization and caching mechanisms improve performance, ensuring efficient data retrieval and analysis within Tableau. The combined solution can seamlessly scale to accommodate increasing data volumes, empowering organizations to tackle analytical challenges with confidence.

The Future of Analytics

Integrating the Denodo Platform with Tableau GPT elevates the analytics experience for Tableau customers. It facilitates data unification and expands data access, enabling real-time insights, and it provides agility and scalability. Organizations can drive informed decision-making and uncover hidden patterns by leveraging the power of both technologies. This, in turn, allows them to gain a competitive edge through advanced analytics. Embracing this collaboration empowers organizations to fully harness the potential of their data and embark on a transformative analytics journey

Irina Makarova