Denodo Joins Forces with Presto
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I’m excited to announce that Denodo has joined the Presto Foundation, which oversees the Presto open-source project, dedicated to the development of an open source, distributed SQL query engine. The Denodo Platform is a logical data management platform, powered by data virtualization, which supports data integration and data management, including support for data security, data governance, and data cataloging. The Denodo Platform provides a strong foundation for such modern innovations as data fabric, self-service data access, and data mesh. 

Presto and the Data-Lake Revolution

Many organizations today have an opportunity to gain powerful insights from the data they create, and data lakes have emerged as a way to conveniently store this data. They also offer the ability to process the data using extract, load, and transform (ELT) processes and to query the data using highly scalable engines. The Presto project, from its early days at Facebook, has been a leader in the data-lake revolution, taking part in some of the largest, most complex implementations. Beyond that, by joining the Linux Foundation, Presto has proven to be a strong advocate for greater collaboration and openness.

A Powerful Combo

Presto is the perfect technology to complement the Denodo Platform. Presto supports query execution at scale across data lakes in ADLS, S3, and other object-storage platforms. The Denodo Platform, meanwhile, offers support for data integration, metadata management, security and privacy, data modeling, and other capabilities. Working together, these two technologies provide the most powerful platform for a modern data infrastructure.

This is why Denodo has taken part in the Presto Foundation. By joining, Denodo will be better able to support Presto, increase the number of Presto customers, and help to develop Presto as it continues to evolve. We are eager to work with Presto on events and other community activities. Along with the other Presto Foundation partners, we are committed to developing the future of Presto in the spirit of neutrality and openness inspired by the Linux Foundation. I am especially excited about forward-thinking initiatives like the new C++ implementation, Velox, and support for Iceberg; they make me extremely proud to be part of this community.

Pablo Alvarez-Yanez