Data Management Professionals: The Denodo Academic Program
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Data is the fuel of the 21st century. It is created daily, located in different places, distributed geographically, and stored in multiple formats. Companies need data to create dashboards and support data science initiatives and other analytical applications necessary for making effective decisions. Data should be accessed in the most efficient way possible, but at the same time, managing data is mandatory, with governance and security in mind. Here we will talk about the Denodo Academic Program.

The Required Workforce for Current Data Needs

Many schools and education centers are creating data programs to prepare the data professionals that the market demands, and Denodo can add value to these programs.

Data management professionals can benefit from a new academic program, created by Denodo, that will prepare them for the new data market. The Denodo Academic Program is geared to:

  • Students: So they can access data-related content and hands-on practice in real-world scenarios
  • Educational Institutions: So Denodo can help them create and deliver content and exercises to students that will be relevant to them in the data market

This program aims to provide university and educational institutions with access to materials and hands-on practice. This way, students can experience what their future workplace demands, and get ready for that. This is done through workshops, virtual training, test drives, and written material.

Denodo originates from a university research background, and we want to give back to the educational community what we have learned about data through the years.

Denodo will cooperate with any educational center to help create a new data program or improve existing programs. We welcome any educational institutions to contribute to training and grooming the data professionals of the future. To connect with us, please, register as an educator in the Denodo Academic Program.

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