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The world is governed by what is called the ‘Universal Law of Learning’. It states that: people, organizations, and societies, in order to survive, have to learn at least at the same speed as the environment changes. “Learning has never been as important as now,” wrote Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel laureate in Economics, author of “Creating a Learning Society”.

These principles can be applied to all facets of life especially where new technologies are concerned. A clear example of this is data virtualization, a data integration technology that has matured rapidly over recent years. Consequently, in-depth learning in this field of technology has never been so important.

For professionals aiming to carve a career in the field of data virtualization, they are not only required to learn about it, but also to prove their knowledge in this changing world. Therefore, nowadays it is a huge asset achieving a certification to prove your expertise. This is not only a need for professionals in this field, but also for companies, who see these certifications as evidence as to your capability and will be more likely to place their projects in your certified hands.

Obtaining a Denodo Platform 6.0 certificate is a rigorous process, meaning that once completed, you will be fully equipped to meet the demands of Denodo data virtualization projects and deployments. The Denodo Certified Professional Program offers a comprehensive certification program for data virtualization professionals of all education and skill levels.

For additional information about the Denodo Certification offer visit the Denodo Education site.

Denodo Certification Early Bird Registrations!

Until the end of the year, Denodo is offering free registrations on all Denodo Platform 6.0 Certification exams to the first 100 data professionals to register*.

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*Individual candidates only.

Ana Salas