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If you’re thinking of migrating to the cloud, you’re not alone. Forrester calls it a “must-have technology,” and Gartner states that it is the “required vehicle for the disruptions of today and tomorrow.”

You’ve no doubt heard about the advantages of making this journey: cost savings, scalability, agility and performance improvements are the most frequently cited benefits. But some organizations are still deliberating over taking the leap.

Fear of Flying, or Is the Data-Weight-Limit Weighing You Down?

Concerns about data security and a lack of control tend to be the common roadblocks for technical teams while the C-level tend to be primarily concerned with the continuation of business processes while the data is “in flight.”

The infographic below addresses the six main safety issues concerning cloud migration and the solution offered by Denodo’s cloud offerings:


Mix It up with a Hybrid Architecture

Organizations that house their main infrastructure on-premises are in no hurry to uproot it and therefore want an alternative solution that combines on-premises data and cloud data.

Such a solution comes in the form of a hybrid cloud architecture using data virtualization. This enables organizations to combine on-premises data and cloud data and make it available for business users from a single virtual layer.

Find out how companies like Asurion and Logitech successfully migrated to the cloud and why they chose to deploy the Denodo Platform to make this journey.

Amy Flippant