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Is Data the New Oil
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Is Data the New Oil?

Reading Time: 2 minutes A recent post, on the cost and impact of persisted data, got me thinking: If data is the new oil, as some believe, then data virtualization is akin to the electrification of gas/petrol-powered cars. An Inconvenient Truth Cloud migration strategies,…


The Pandemic, Cloud Adoption, and the Future

Reading Time: 3 minutes The pandemic caused considerable disruption, but as a result, it also accelerated cloud adoption. As we moved towards remote working and switched to online customer interactions, it became clear that the cloud was more than just a “nice to have,”…

Cruise to the Cloud with Denodo

Cruise to the Cloud with Denodo

Reading Time: 3 minutes As SME’s and large-scale enterprises strive and succeed in a competitive, ever-expanding environment of digital transformation and data management, cloud solutions are emerging as the newest saviour in the digital sphere. Cloud computing is known to be one of the…