Moving to the Cloud, or a Hybrid-Cloud Scenario: How can the Denodo Platform Help?
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I’m going to answer that question in three parts, because the Denodo Platform can add value not only during a cloud migration, but also before and after one.


Before a migration of this type, which is normally a largescale project, imagine that you might want to go about it in different ways. You may want to move a single on-premises data warehouse or data mart to the cloud, lock, stock, and barrel. Or, you might want to migrate multiple repositories, but over time, and during the process you might want to maintain some data in both locations, or in a second cloud.

In this Before phase, the Denodo Platform, with its data virtualization capabilities, puts an abstraction layer between all of your data sources and exposes a logical model of the data to your consuming applications. What has just happened? You have just de-risked the migration, and now you can move things at your own pace.


As your selected repositories begin moving to the cloud, the consuming applications continue to pull data from both locations, because they’re not pulling data from the underlying data sources but from the logical model, and the Denodo Platform handles the necessary delegation.

Keep in mind that you will need to keep an eye out for security and governance, particularly before the new infrastructure gets fully mature. During the migration you’re using the Denodo Platform not only as the abstraction and logical layer, but also as a single unified layer from which to implement data security and data governance protocols across the entire infrastructure, even during its in-between state. So now you can implement these policy based access controls against the logical models, and the Denodo Platform is still managing the access and pushing down the processing to where you want it to go.


Once you’ve completed the migration, consider your ongoing data needs. Despite all the stories you may have heard about largescale consolidation projects, you know that there is no organization out there, no matter how large, that has all of its data all in one source. Some of it will always remain on-premises, and some might remain in a second cloud instance. And as new users come on board, they’re going to want to get that data, in a hybrid- or multi-cloud configuration.

With the Denodo Platform, you’re already well ahead of the curve. You simply add the new data sources to the logical model and keep delivering data to the consumers.

Ready to Move to the Cloud

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below. In our case studies, you’ll find many examples of companies leveraging the Denodo Platform in the way I’ve described, with great success.

Suresh Chandrasekaran