The Role of Data Virtualization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are highly advanced technologies, and one could say that they represent the future. In AI/ML systems, applications or machines are set up to learn from new information, and gradually, over time, they acquire the intelligence to support day-to-day business processes and decision making. The more data they receive, the more they learn, and the more they learn, the higher their capacity for intelligence.

For this reason, the central engine of an AI/ML system needs a steady source of relevant, reliable data, drawn from as many different sources as possible. If we wanted to predict the traffic on a particular street on a particular day, the engine would need to know the weather, the status of large events that may be happening in the near vicinity, and other related information. 

What is the fastest, most efficient way to feed AI/ML engines with streams of incremental data from multiple different sources? The Denodo Platform.

Nourishment for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Systems

The Denodo Platform uses data virtualization to integrate data in real time, without having to physically replicate it. It can seamlessly combine views of data from a wide variety of different data sources and feed AI/ML engines with data from a common data services layer.

The Denodo Platform can also act as a central hub between different AI/ML systems, using Kafka or other messaging systems to orchestrate them. In this way, the Denodo Platform enables highly sophisticated AI/ML initiatives.

Here are just a few examples of how the Denodo Platform is being implemented in real-world AI/ML initiatives:

  • A Leading Food Flavoring Company leveraged the Denodo Platform to build an AI model for predicting what kinds of flavors would appeal to customers in different demographics. The Denodo Platform feeds the company’s model with large volumes of combined data, including information about customer preferences, purchase habits, demographics, product ingredients, and product qualities, to arrive at the most effective recommended formulas.
  • A Heavy Equipment Manufacturer feeds its AI/ML system with machine status and part data provided by the Denodo Platform, to better predict when lubrication or other preventive maintenance needs to be performed.
  • A Healthcare Company uses the Denodo Platform to combine data about individual patients with historical patient data, and then the Denodo Platform feeds the combined data to an AI/ML system, which helps determine the appropriate course of action for individual cases and sends alerts when necessary.

Artificial Intelligence, Real Results

For your next AI/ML initiative, I hope that you keep the Denodo Platform in mind. With its ability to seamlessly feed AI/ML systems with combined data from a variety of sources, the Denodo Platform just might be your most critical component.

Suresh Chandrasekaran