Denodo-SAP NetWeaver-Certified
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Denodo Platform has successfully completed certification with the SAP NetWeaver technology integration platform. This guarantees full interoperability and certified performance with SAP technology, which is critical especially when dealing with extremely large volumes of data in analytical environments.

The certification has been carried out with the SAP BW platform, the data warehousing solution from SAP, as a result of a joint effort between the SAP Certification Labs in Canada and the Denodo Research and Development Team. The chosen interface for the integration between Denodo and SAP BW is the OLAP BAPI Interface.  It’s a public interface, fully supported and recommended by SAP to technology vendors for integration with SAP BW in order to achieve full interoperability now and in the future. With this certification, SAP customers are guaranteed full support from both SAP and Denodo.

During the certification process, Denodo was tested thoroughly in its capabilities accessing both metadata and master data from SAP BW and transactional data from SAP BW cubes.  A test was also run to verify performance when accessing very large volumes of data. Denodo successfully passed not only the mandatory tests, but also all the optional ones, achieving comprehensive integration with SAP BW.

So, how can SAP customers benefit from this certification?

SAP customers will be able to deploy a data abstraction layer based on Denodo’s platform on top of SAP BW.  This will offer their business users great agility when accessing required analytical information not only from SAP BW, but also from other sources, such as operation systems like the SAP ECC platform, SaaS/Cloud applications, NoSQL sources and Hadoop, and in-memory analytical appliances, such as SAP HANA building a “Logical Data Warehouse” data access pattern.

This semantic layer based on data virtualization on top of SAP BW decouples the underlying stores from the consuming applications.  This way, applications access a single data model exposed and published in this layer – which  can be considered a sort of “logical” warehouse – avoiding point-to-point connections between consuming applications and data sources and shielding their complexity and heterogeneity. Data virtualization significantly reduces replication since users are not forced to move data across different repositories and can build virtual data marts in this layer, without the need to build and maintain many physical marts.

Other certifications will come in the future, so stay tuned!