Top Six Signs of Data-Driven Maturity in Your Organization
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Organizations in the 21st century aim to become data-driven. However, being data-driven is a journey where companies continue to learn how to better use data as a tool to create meaningful products and experiences. In order to define a data-driven organization, we need to look at different levels of maturity to make that claim. Here are my top six signs of data maturity:

  1. Full Interoperability: Data-driven organizations need to achieve both technical and organizational interoperability. Organizational interoperability contains aspects like organizational strategies and policies, laws, business processes, cost, and collaborative work while technical interoperability deals with data lineage, semantics, and infrastructure.
  1. Team Sport: Data-driven companies believe that data science is a team sport. That’s why, they organize datathons and competitions and also engage in other data science meetups and help the whole organization to be part of the data-driven product development workflow.
  1. Organizational Data Natives: In the 21st century, data natives and data scientists need to have diverse skills including meaning making, creativity, curiosity, patterns recognition, storytelling and empathizing. These skills are the key to build a data-driven ecosystem.
  2. New Data-Driven Mindset: We are moving from predetermined questions to a world of narratives and exploration that help us discover questions we didn’t know we had. You do not need to throw away years of investment and experience in other technologies, we can augment our data warehouse and traditional BI technologies with new technologies and not replace it. It is a new age. We need a new mindset!
  3. Agile: Developing quick wins is the best way to get executive buy-in for your big data projects. Mature data-driven organizations need layers of decision surfaces from the far edge of sensors up and into the cloud. The needs for differing data management and analytics processes and goals will continue to evolve at every layer to be able to act at the right time and context.
  1. Data Science is your company’s core engine and the tool for your arts…Being data-driven is a way of living in a disruptive way. It is is not focused on the “huge” amounts of data nor on a Hadoop or Spark Cluster.
Ali Rebaie