Ali Rebaie

Ali Rebaie is an industry analyst and consultant of Rebaie Analytics Group focusing on Big Data, Analytics, and emerging technologies. He provides advisory services to software vendors and also help software buyers to set big data and information management strategies and architectures. As a part of his work with big data and analytics, Rebaie has led and developed several technology projects across business intelligence for different industries such as media, marketing, oil & gas and transportation. Ali is a member of the internationally renowned Boulder BI Brain Trust (BBBT).
factories of the future
Data Science

On the Edge: Smart Factories of the Future

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today’s data economy depends on the data generated by people, and increasingly by the devices, appliances, and machines that make up the IoT. Data is enabling the granular targeting of people’s affinities, so people are expecting more personalized products. Although…


The Evolving Kin-directed AI Nation

Reading Time: 2 minutes This is the time of Kin-directed IoT resource sharing. It is an era of AI nation that carry on a cooperative behaviour and inhibit dispersal of resources in an Internet of Things environment; such as, Cameras, drones, cars, and  wearables….