Use a Logical Data Warehouse to Integrate Marketing Data in Real Time
Reading Time: < 1 minute

The Denodo Platform, based on data virtualization, enables a wide range of powerful, modern use cases, including the ability to seamlessly create a logical data warehouse. Logical data warehouses have all of the capabilities of traditional data warehouses, yet they do not require any data to be physically moved from their original location, they provide access to all data in real time, and they can accommodate a much wider variety of sources, in any format (raw, text, image, API), including cloud-based systems and Web data. 

In this video, created by Fastcube, a systems integrator based in France, you will learn how a client used a logical data warehouse to facilitate the analysis of ads on an Ebay used car site localized for the German market. You will see how, starting with a file of raw ads over a period of just over a year, Fastcube leveraged the Denodo Platform to design a logical data warehouse to store this data, combine it with other data sources, and propose an interactive dashboard to display real-time changes. 

You will learn how the logical data warehouse enabled the client to:

  • Access data from disparate sources without replication, regardless of format
  • Leverage the data for analytics in real time
  • Use the Denodo Platform’s data catalog to ensure data quality and improve data governance
  • Accelerate the performance of data-intensive applications 
  • Reduce the time-to-market for new reports and improve the company’s ability to make quick, effective business decisions