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The success and survival of business is becoming increasingly tied to the way in which companies understand and harness the data that they have access to.

In Bernard Marr’s article “What is Data Virtualization and Why Does It Matter?” he explains that “Data virtualization is just another tool (or technique) that an organization can employ to help with this task. It’s a term that is being heard more and more frequently, but there is often confusion about precisely what it means.” He concludes that “data virtualization has enormous potential to help businesses become more agile as well as more focused as they make the transition to becoming intelligent, data-driven organizations.”

Marr has hit the nail on the head, data virtualization is not just a fleeting trend that will fall off the radar in a couple of years, it is a technology with enormous potential in this data-driven era. Here are ten things you need to know about data virtualization:



Amy Flippant