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Holistic Data Management

Reading Time: 4 minutes In this era of data-driven companies, there is a lot of talk about data management, but it is my impression that we do not talk about it in a perfectly harmonious way, that we privilege some aspects of the phrase…

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A “Flavor” of Data Virtualization, or the Real Thing? Discover the Difference!

Reading Time: 6 minutes In this post, I’m going to cover: How different data virtualization products interpret “data virtualization” differently The 5 unique characteristics of true data virtualization products Where the alternatives to data virtualization solutions underperform Data virtualization has outgrown its infancy. Many…

Epistemology of Data Virtualization

Epistemology of Data Virtualization

Reading Time: 7 minutes Data are the eyes with which we look at reality. They are the means – not the only one – with which every company can aspire to have full awareness of itself and of the context in which it operates…

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Gaining Real Time Insight

Reading Time: 4 minutes Allow me to introduce the (fictitious) Advanced Banking Corporation, or ABC for short. It may be advanced in name, but its IT systems are anything but. ABC will be our constant companion as we explore all three scenarios for data…