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Public clouds and on-premises data centers can now be strategically connected via a strong hybrid architecture, simplifying data integration. If you are in the process of building a virtual data services layer across all of your disparate data sources in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment, Denodo offers a best-of-breed data virtualization solution to accelerate your journey to a cloud ecosystem.

Denodo has been successfully deployed in both on-premises and cloud environments. Denodo always tries to push down processing to the data sources to avoid unnecessary, expensive data movement through the network. In that sense, it should not matter much where the Denodo server is installed. However, when data from two or more data sources must be combined, a certain amount of data must move through the wires. The decision of where to deploy the Denodo Platform will depend on the volume to be moved as well as on each particular use case. That said, it is best to install the Denodo Platform as closely as possible to where most of the data resides. For example, to support complex environments with highly distributed data, a multilayered deployment is best. Connections between Denodo Platform instances enable costly combinations to be delegated to local instances, avoiding unnecessary, expensive data movement.

Streamlining Cloud Migrations

Denodo Platform cloud subscriptions offer a quick, easy, and economical entry point into the AWS or Azure Cloud (with support for GCP coming out soon). While you can also leverage the BYOL (Bring your Own License) option from your on-premises deployment, cloud subscriptions offer a unique self-service option that bring you one step closer to success with data virtualization in the cloud.

Here are some of the key benefits of Denodo Platform cloud subscriptions:

    • They feature a pay-as-you-go payment model, so you can start with a smaller configuration and expand as your needs grow. This puts less pressure on your capital expenditures and planning.
    • You can pick and choose from a variety of subscription choices that are based on parameters like the number of data sources and query size, to meet a variety of needs.
    • All configurations come with full support for the period of your subscription, so you do not have to worry about any separate maintenance or support charges.
    • Subscriptions provide a great time-to-value proposition in terms of getting started on a nimble scale, without having to install anything, as everything is pre-configured and ready to start your project.
    • You will not be concerned that you possess the right skills, as the subscriptions offer an optimal out-of-the-box environment with which to start your design and planning.
    • Subscriptions offer attractive, highly discounted pricing.

Denodo also offers a free 30-day trial to help you get started on the AWS or Azure ecosystem. This enables you to determine the best configuration to fit your budgeting and architecture needs.

Walking on Clouds

Denodo’s AWS offering provides enterprises with the flexibility to scale vertically by increasing or reducing the infrastructure for their virtual machines from an AWS console. This solution enables organizations to scale horizontally by subscribing to multiple instances, and deploy a cluster with a load balancer using standard AWS tools.

Cloud computing will continue to grow in importance as organizations seek to leverage the agility and flexibility that the cloud provides. However, in the foreseeable future, many organizations will run a hybrid information architecture based on a mix of on-premises and cloud-based data sources. The Denodo Platform helps simplify migrations to the cloud by providing seamless access to both on-premises and cloud sources.

Cloud deployments enable you to:

    • Put the Denodo Platform near your main data sources
    • Select the right AWS / Azure region
    • Easily combine instances of the Denodo Platform on-premises with instances of the Denodo Platform for AWS/Azure
    • Reduce network latency (Network latency is important and should be considered upfront. For example, the cache should be in the same location as the Denodo server.)

More information about Denodo subscriptions on AWS/Azure is available at the links below:

You can also learn more about Denodo and the cloud via Test Drives on AWS and Azure. Try them out to experience for yourself the simplicity and robustness of the Denodo Platform in the cloud.

In future posts, I’ll talk about Denodo Platform and cloud best practices for deployment and management.

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