Autodesk Wins Big, Leveraging the Denodo Platform
Reading Time: 2 minutes

I was excited to learn that Autodesk, a Denodo customer, was recognized as the winner of the prestigious 2015 Ventana Research Leadership Awards for Big Data, within the larger category of Technology Innovation.

Each year, the Ventana Research Awards honor individuals across 27 business and technology categories who have worked effectively with their teams to drive their organizations to exemplary heights of success.

Autodesk Streamlines a Significant Transition

This year, Mark Eaton, Enterprise Architect for Autodesk, was recognized for successfully implementing a logical data warehouse, built on data virtualization provided by the Denodo Platform. This enabled Autodesk to transform from a perpetual-license-based pricing model to a subscription-based model, without having to re-design the company’s system architecture from the ground up.

The data virtualization layer enabled the company to transition to the new pricing model without requiring business users – including several critical financial teams – to change the way they interact with the data. Many users were completely unaware of the transition that was going on behind the scenes. The data virtualization layer enables the new systems to smoothly integrate with legacy systems, even while they are in the process of being transitioned.

A Powerful, Flexible Data Virtualization Platform

Because the Denodo Platform supports virtually any standard protocol, including JDBC, ODBC, Web Services, or message queues, it can talk to 99% of Autodesk’s legacy and current systems, without requiring specialized development knowledge. Autodesk is thinking of using the data virtualization layer to connect legacy systems to rapid-interaction business systems deployed on mobile devices. This would be possible even though many of those systems were never designed for that purpose.

To learn more about Autodesk’s innovative use of data virtualization, watch the webinar Designing Fast Data Architecture for Big Data using Logical Data Warehouse and Data Lakes (a Case Study presented by Mark Eaton, Enterprise Architect, Autodesk), as he describes the process of implementing the Denodo Platform and the impressive results that the company achieved.

Ravi Shankar