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I’m delighted that Forrester Research has recognized Denodo as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Fabric report. The 2024 report evaluates Denodo and 14 other data fabric vendors in terms of their current offerings, strategy, and market presence. Forrester evaluates each vendor according to 26 rigorous criteria and anonymous feedback from active customers. Being recognized as a Leader in this type of analysis is, for us, a direct testament to the strong capabilities of the Denodo Platform.  

The Maturity of Enterprise Data Fabric

Forrester notes that data fabric is evolving into “transactional” fabric which – with bidirectional read-write capabilities – supports modern use cases, such as enhancing the customer experience with real-time data. This has been difficult to achieve for many companies, due to the distributed nature of customer data. But improving the customer experience in this way has actually been a sweet spot for the Denodo Platform for many years, as our data fabric can integrate myriad kinds of customer data, across myriad kinds of systems, from static on-premises systems to streaming Internet of Things (IoT) sources, in real time.

The Denodo Platform’s data fabric surmounts data management complexities to facilitate a wide range of other business use cases, including data self-service; governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) initiatives; IT modernization; and operational efficiency.    

Evaluating the Vendors

In the report, Forrester cited the Denodo Platform’s deployment options, data access and search, data delivery, data processing and persistence, data transformation and lineage, and data integration. Denodo, from its inception almost 25 years ago, has been 100% focused on enabling seamless access to data, regardless of its format or origin.

“Denodo,” says Forrester in the report, “delivers a world-class data fabric solution. Denodo has been a longtime player in data virtualization and now supports enterprise data fabric with next-generation data management capabilities.”

The Data Virtualization Factor

Data virtualization, the core technology powering the Denodo Platform, enables an enterprise data fabric with a logical data abstraction layer above an organization’s disparate data sources, whether on-premises or cloud. The logical data fabric centralizes data management with a secure, real-time, unified view of the enterprise data without the need to centralize the data into a physical repository.

With a built-in data catalog and data governance capabilities, the Denodo Platform’s data fabric enables seamless access to trusted historical and real-time data. The report states: “Denodo’s superior data fabric roadmap suggests a focus on advanced data integration, genAI/LLM, vector search, faster data ingestion, automation, and self-service capabilities.”

Read the Complete Report

Companies looking for a robust enterprise data fabric solution with such features as a data catalog, built-in data governance, and advanced AI/ ML capabilities, should read the new Forrester Wave: Enterprise Data Fabric, Q1 2024 report, for deep insight into Denodo and 14 other major enterprise data fabric vendors.

Ravi Shankar