Data Management Challenges Solved - The Denodo Platform on Alibaba Cloud, Coming to a Data Center Near You
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Fast, intelligent decision making relies on real-time access to the right data. However, the pain is real when it comes to data integration and data management, but today’s enterprise architects are racing to build modern data infrastructures using data fabric, data mesh, data lakehouse, and other new approaches that enable the data to be processed and delivered to business users in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, reducing their dependency on IT. Welcome to the world of the Denodo Platform, powered by data virtualization. And now, Alibaba Cloud users can seamlessly leverage the Denodo Platform’s capabilities via the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace, to experience a whole new level of data integration and analytics in the cloud. The Denodo Platform on Alibaba Cloud will not only accelerate the transition to cloud workloads, but it can also simplify your logical data warehousing needs in a hybrid, multi-cloud environment.

For those new to data virtualization for data integration and management, here’s a short video intro.

With support for a variety of Alibaba Cloud services, such as ApsaraDB for RDS, OceanBase, PolarDB, AnalyticDB, OSS and more, the Denodo Platform on Alibaba Cloud enables users to experience the Denodo Platform’s highly configurable vendor- and version-agnostic connectors for REST and OData, for a streamlined connection to any HTTP API.

The Denodo Platform on Alibaba Cloud provides Alibaba business users with a wide variety of capabilities, including intelligent BI reporting, data-as-a-service (DaaS), zero-downtime cloud migrations, and supports Data Scientists with curated data sets for their data science projects. The included data catalog enables users to search for and tag the right datasets for analytics and ML projects. This also helps data scientists to combine data stored in a virtual data lake with data exposed through the data virtualization layer, to build models quickly and easily.

Users can now get started with the Denodo Professional via the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace or a BYOL listing by requesting a trial license from Denodo by contacting us here. The Denodo Professional listing  is a great way to get started using a pay-as-you-go model. It also offers access to Denodo support and a wide range of other resources through the Denodo Community.

The Time is Now

Enterprise architects, data engineers, and business analysts can start simplifying their data management challenges using the Denodo Platform via Alibaba Cloud Marketplace. Please contact us via email at or fill out a form here for an initial discussion with a cloud expert.

Mitesh Shah