Denodo and Open Line: Easing Mergers and Modernization Initiatives
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I’m delighted to announce that Denodo has recently formalized a partnership with Connected Data Group (CDG), part of Open Line, a Netherlands-based organization that provides managed cloud services. This partnership is an extension of the existing partnership with CDG, who can now deliver this managed Denodo-as-a-Service through the Open Line partnership to the market.

I see good things ahead. Like Denodo, Open Line facilitates mergers, but whereas the Denodo Platform provides access to the data from multiple companies in a single, real-time layer, Open Line brings hands-on management, including fully outsourced IT capabilities.

The result? Working together, both companies can enable companies to undergo profound transformations, either to combine recently acquired companies, completely restructure a company to address a different business model, or add new, modern capabilities and features. This includes migrating from on-premises systems to the cloud, adding or orchestrating different cloud platforms, or enabling hybrid configurations.

What Denodo Brings

The Denodo Platform works by creating a logical abstraction layer between data sources and data consumers, leveraging a logical data management approach. This architecture enables real-time access to the data in both acquiring and acquired systems, even if it’s in the process of being moved. It also enables global data governance and security policies to be implemented across the multiple systems; on-the-fly transformations into the needed format(s) without slowing anything down; and translations into the required semantics at each point of consumption, to deliver data in the language of the business, at the speed at which it is needed.

What Open Line Brings

Open Line thoroughly engages with each client company, bringing deep expertise in local government, logistics, social housing, and healthcare. Open Line is the leading outsourcing partner for radiotherapeutic organisations and offers a unique hosting platform for their demanding infrastructures. Within the healthcare industry, Open Line has a unique set of eHealth offerings to facilitate cross-healthcare communications and patient flows. In logistics, Open Line facilitates nearly two million logistics movements a day, by means of the services hosted in its hybrid cloud. Open Line holds the highest-status partnerships with technology leaders such as Cisco, Microsoft, Dell, Veeam, Pure Storage, and Denodo.

Next Steps

As a next step in the partnership, I’m looking forward to both companies working together to create specialized solutions that meet the unique needs of diverse, modern companies.

Charles Southwood