Fearless Data
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We live in a world of accelerating change, disruption, and technological breakthroughs. Since 2020, we have endured a pandemic, economic and supply chain shocks, and increasing social and geopolitical tensions. And simultaneously, we have witnessed the rise of incredible technologies such as Generative AI, promising to transform how we live and work.

“May you live in interesting times” is both a curse and a blessing. A curse for those who aren’t prepared,  and fear what could go wrong. A blessing for those who are, and look forward with confidence.  

Of course, every organization wants to be prepared for whatever new threats and opportunities arise. But for many organizations, this is not their reality. Why is that?

The problem is data.  

In spite of many decades of investments in data related technologies, organizations still struggle to deliver data to the people who need it most: Front-line workers and their leadership, so they can quickly gain the insights they need, at the time they need it, to act with confidence. Whatever their goals – delighting customers, managing their operations, complying with regulations, or bringing new innovations to market – to have confidence, they need data delivered in their language, fast enough to matter. But too often, they experience fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) instead. They fear that:

  • It takes too long to access and use the data they need 
  • They can’t make sense of what the data is telling them, once they do get it
  • They can’t trust their AI’s results because the underlying data was flawed
  • They will not be compliant with privacy or other regulations   
  • Their data projects experience delays and cost overruns
  • Their cloud modernization projects don’t yield intended results after years of effort and $millions of spend

Why do these problems persist, in spite of so much investment?

The reason is that data management has been stuck in the past, with a mindset of having to centralize data on common platforms, necessitating everybody to use data on those platforms’ terms. This is the root cause of complexity, high costs and delays. Instead, we must embrace ongoing change, embrace the decentralized reality of data, and deliver data on its users’ terms.  

Now is the time to overcome these fears. Now is the time to adopt a new approach to data management: One that focuses on delivering data in the language of the users on their terms. One that frees data from its respective silos and empowers everybody in the organization to achieve their goals with confidence. One that removes fears of data complexity, trustworthiness, and delays.

Now is the time for Fearless Data.

Across all industries, Denodo has helped its customers overcome data fears, navigate change, and achieve their goals with confidence.   

Learn more about how we help remove those fears and build confidence across the many critical initiatives and goals facing organizations today. Contact us!

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