Leverage Cloud Marketplaces to Accelerate & Simplify Cloud Data Integration with Denodo
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To understand how to accelerate and simplify cloud data integration and leverage cloud marketplaces, we first need to understand: What exactly is cloud data integration? It is nothing more than a consolidation of data from disparate data sources in which at least one endpoint is a cloud source. 

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Today, since data is scattered across a variety of sources in most organizations, despite the increasing popularity of cloud services, enterprises continue to struggle with creating and implementing effective cloud data management and integration solutions that provide timely, business-critical insights. By utilizing cloud data integration, businesses can consolidate, transform, and cleanse their data to gain a 360-degree view of the customer for enterprise-wide interactions. This helps businesses to derive timely, data-driven insights for better decision making and it also facilitates both cloud modernization and digital transformation initiatives. 

The Significance of Cloud Marketplaces

Cloud is the driving force powering digital transformation. However, many find it overwhelming to harness the cloud in many of its forms, such as on-demand software applications, data infrastructure services, smart development environments, or innovations like machine learning. Cloud marketplaces offer a go-to market channel that not only delivers cloud solutions but also provides access to millions of new users.

The Denodo Platform is now available through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, the Azure Marketplace, and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace, making e-commerce, buying, and onboarding quite easy. At Denodo, we work with organizations to identify a business outcome, and then we help them to quickly deliver that with a choice of different subscriptions with their choice of marketplace. 

Cloud marketplaces offer significant benefits, such as ease of budgeting in terms of getting started with a pay-as-you-go model. Users also have the benefit of not having to retire any kind of cloud spend commitment they have with vendors. It enables them to leverage the commit spend and standard contracts. It takes some effort to manage legal contracts, but cloud marketplaces simplify that process. They also provide users with a self-service platform for getting started, with a single pane for reporting, billing, and vendor management features.

Denodo Offerings Via Cloud Marketplaces 

The Denodo Platform in the cloud can be leveraged by a wide variety of users, since public, private, and hybrid cloud platforms are fundamental to helping businesses of all kinds to quickly get started with digital transformation initiatives. To help organizations solve their data management and data integration challenges, the Denodo Platform can be leveraged through cloud marketplaces via four different subscription options. These options are carefully curated for providing small, medium, and enterprise users with a simple, accelerated onboarding process. 

Denodo Professional enables users to start small by integrating up to five data sources. The next one is Denodo Standard, which enables users to integrate an unlimited number of data sources, followed by Denodo Enterprise, which provides extended features such as a data catalog and smart query acceleration with support for massively parallel processing (MPP). For advanced users, the Enterprise Plus subscription offers built-in artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) capabilities and other security enhancements. With these choices, business users have the flexibility to get started with a subscription that suits their needs and then easily upgrade to a more advanced subscription as their needs grow. 

Begin Your Cloud Data Integration Journey

Cloud marketplaces, with these subscription offerings, are a great way to get started with cloud data integration.  With the Denodo Professional 30-Day Free Trial option available on AWS, Azure and GCP, users can explore, understand, and validate use cases. This free trial is a self-service option for which users need to first register on the website, and then they can begin their marketplace subscription.

Although users need to pay for any computing charges, the Denodo Platform license is free for 30 days. The free trial also includes Denodo support with access to a presales engineer who can help validate use cases and success criteria. Once the free trial ends, users can upgrade to other suitable subscription offerings as well. Users can register for the free trial on the Denodo website. 

Hybrid Cloud Data Integration and Overcoming Budget Constraints 

I have discussed the different subscription choices, but managing the overall cost is always a big consideration for businesses. To understand what type of pricing options users can expect with hybrid cloud data integration, users have the following options: 

In addition to leveraging the cloud marketplaces in a self-service, pay-as-you-go manner, users also have the option of purchasing a license directly from the Denodo sales team and then bringing those licenses to the cloud, which is called the “bring-your-own-license (BYOL)” model. Users can choose hourly pricing or annual, which offers  an additional discount of up to 10% or additional services such as health monitoring and management for their whole deployment. Lastly, users can opt for private/customized pricing options, in which they would work out a custom pricing configuration with the sales team.

This pricing model offers a few key benefits. For example, many users who start with on-premises data sources and integrate them eventually, migrate some of their data to the cloud, which creates a hybrid environment. Users can start paying for just the on-premises data and then expand using new subscriptions in the cloud, through the cloud marketplaces. So it’s very easy to start with a free trial and validation and move forward from there. 

In addition, users have full control over the instance. It’s deployed under the user’s cloud account, which means that they can stop and restart as needed. This pricing model provides full control in terms of managing cost. Also, users are not locked into a certain type of subscription offering. For example, users can start with Denodo Professional, and over time, depending on their business needs, they have a quick migration path to Denodo Standard or Enterprise. 

The Denodo Platform is a self-service platform with no-haggle pricing that helps users to quickly get started in terms of their cloud data integration needs, with support features available from team Denodo for assistance with cloud modernization efforts and effective data management. 

For more information about leveraging cloud marketplaces to accelerate and simplify cloud data integration with the Denodo Platform, join our discussion with Mitesh Shah, senior cloud product manager and cloud evangelist at Denodo, on All Things Data

Neha Gurudatt