Modernizing Data Analytics Architecture with the Denodo Platform on Azure
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Today, many businesses are modernizing their on-premises data warehouses or cloud-based data lakes using Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics. Whether or not they begin with on-premises systems, such modernization efforts often involve the implementation of hybrid configurations.

Unfortunately, with data spread out across different systems and applications, such businesses often face two key challenges:

  1. The lack of a single source of truth. Because it takes time to integrate data between the different systems, during a transaction it is often impossible to know which source has the latest data.
  2. Insufficient security and compliance. Also as a result of poorly integrated data, it becomes a monumental challenge to enable Active Directory integration, data masking, data encryption, and row-and-column-based authorization, to support such regulations as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The Denodo Factor

Powered by data virtualization, the Denodo Platform for Microsoft Azure solves the above challenges by enabling organizations to integrate data in real time and in a way that enables both seamless governance and robust security.

The Denodo Platform for Azure can integrate structured, semi-structured, or completely unstructured data, in or out of Azure Synapse, in other cloud systems in a multi-cloud configuration, on premises, and even in different parts of the world, to support myriad compliance needs in real time. With a single platform with which to manage data across multiple systems, companies do not need invest in multiple tools for data management. The Denodo Platform for Azure also enables auto-scaling, to more effectively manage hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

Use Cases for Azure

With the Denodo Platform for Azure, companies can:

  • Gain a customer 360/single view of the data.
  • Combine marketing data from myriad sources for better business insights.
  • Gain superior business intelligence (BI) with direct, real-time access to data across Azure Synapse, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure SQL, and Azure Cosmos DB.
  • Leverage powerful sales and social media analytics by seamlessly integrating Dynamics 365 CRM with applications like ServiceNow, Google Analytics, Twitter data, and Azure Data Lake Storage.
  • Enable data marketplace and data as a service (DaaS) functionality with a flexible, logical data architecture. The Denodo Platform’s data catalog provides secure, comprehensive access to data across a company’s diverse assets.

Many Ways to Get Started

Denodo has recently announced the availability of Denodo Professional and Denodo Standard, both available the in Microsoft Azure Marketplace. These newest versions of the Denodo Platform are designed for mid-market users, supporting their SaaS integration and cloud adoption needs with affordable, pay-as-you-go pricing.

For users with more advanced requirements, Denodo offers Denodo Enterprise and Denodo Enterprise Plus, which include the data catalog and artificial intelligence/machine-learning-powered query optimization features. 

Denodo now offers a 30-day free trial of Denodo Professional via the Azure Marketplace, after which it costs only $6.27 an hour. Sign up for the free trial or start it from the Azure Marketplace. Alternatively, leverage annual pricing via a private offer. All Denodo Platform offerings in the Azure Marketplace support co-sell arrangements.

No matter which version you choose, the Denodo Platform for Azure will let you begin your cloud data integration journey with powerful, real-time access to data, for a true self-service experience with deep analytics.


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Mitesh Shah