Ten Pillars of ‘World Class’ Data Virtualization
Reading Time: 2 minutes

This topic would have seemed incongruous only a few years ago. After a rather long gestation period, data virtualization and its adoption worldwide have surged in recent years to reach enterprise maturity. Yet there is a lot of FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) created in the marketplace by those that fear it will displace status quo or become a “game changer”.  Hence we thought it would be a good topic to present at the Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit to help you differentiate what constitutes ‘world class’ data virtualization and how it enables your fast data strategy to scale to enterprise levels.

The session covers three areas.  First, we trace the origins and evolution of data virtualization – from being a ‘feature’ of database systems to federate queries, to a ‘style’ of data integration called data federation, to come into its own as data virtualization ‘technology’ that enables fast access to disparate data and a logical data abstraction layer that has become an ‘essential strategy’ to supporting multiple data-hungry applications and business user self-service needs.

The crux of the presentation defines the ten areas most critical to enterprise data virtualization, and what to look for in each area. We call these the ten pillars of ‘World Class’ data virtualization. In a dynamic world of new data types, business needs and solutions, the characteristics we discuss are by design aspirational fostering continuous innovation and hardening.  Some of these pillars you can guess, but others are not so obvious, yet very critical to success.

Finally, we acknowledge that success is not only a function of the data virtualization platform, but also about building solution expertise and excellence in execution – a journey that the client takes working with its vendors and partners. This is illustrated by a global technology company that progressed from a proof-of-concept to self-proclaiming that “data virtualization has become a game changer” in its enterprise across numerous data management and business initiatives.

Be forewarned. Attending this session could make you a ‘game changer’ too! So, ensure that you register to view the session Ten Pillars of World Class Data Virtualization. See you there!

Suresh Chandrasekaran