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Data Virtualization is a Revenue Generator

Reading Time: 7 minutes Many organizations have made it a high priority to implement a data virtualization solution. This makes sense, since traditional data warehouses can no longer keep pace with the explosive growth in data volumes and user queries. The logical data warehouse…

Make Your Data Warehouse Flexible
Data Science

Limber up Your Data Warehouse

Reading Time: 2 minutes Some might think that data warehouses are outdated and unnecessary, because today you can store large volumes of data quickly and easily in a data lake or a data reservoir. I think this is a bit short-sighted. How can you…

Liberate your Data - Logical Data Warehouses

Liberate Your Data Using Logical Data Warehouses

Reading Time: 3 minutes Logical data warehouses, driven by data virtualization, are the force of the future. Yet while many BI specialists have embraced the logical data warehouse in theory, they struggle with the actual practical application of data virtualization. Some seem to feel…

Regulatory Compliance & Logical Data Management
Data Lake

Emergence of the Logical Data Warehouse

Reading Time: 3 minutes The amount of data we have at our disposal is growing immensely. More and more systems are creating an increasing amount of data in an increasing number of places. This seems like an opportunity for more information and for improved…