Denodo Platform 6.0: Certified on Cloudera Enterprise 5

Reading Time: 3 minutes You’ve no doubt heard about the significant improvements that Denodo Platform 6.0 offers over previous iterations, such as self-service data discovery and search features, more robust security, and support for a wider variety of cloud and big data technologies. But…

Big Data Requires the Context of Small Data

Big Data Requires the Context of Small Data

Reading Time: 2 minutes Big data has entered many companies’ data centers and is already transforming whole business models. The grade of adoption varies from initial test and educational projects towards fully-fledged big data landscapes; on-premise or leveraging the flexibility and power of cloud…

Make Your Data Warehouse Flexible
Data Science

Limber up Your Data Warehouse

Reading Time: 2 minutes Some might think that data warehouses are outdated and unnecessary, because today you can store large volumes of data quickly and easily in a data lake or a data reservoir. I think this is a bit short-sighted. How can you…