Aditya Malik

Addy brings over 18 years of experience in the tech industry to his role as Principal Product Marketer at Denodo, focusing on data management solutions for enterprises. He has a deep understanding of the APAC market, with expertise in ERP and data platforms developed across various industries. Addy excels at working closely with businesses to address their unique challenges and enjoys highlighting the value of their implemented solutions through compelling storytelling. Drawing on his extensive experience across diverse industry verticals, Addy is eager to share lessons learned and success stories related to IT modernization, Customer 360, self-service analytics, operational resilience, building a data-driven culture, and establishing effective data governance. His career, spanning tech startups and high-growth companies across four countries and three continents, gives him a global perspective and an adaptable approach to problem-solving. Addy holds an MBA from AIM Manila and an Honors degree in Computer Science Engineering, which gives him a unique edge in bridging technical know-how with business insights.