Nalini Mohan

Nalini has more than 12 years of experience in the enterprise software market working for companies including IBM, TIBCO and Denodo. She has helped with the positioning of the Denodo product, researching the market for trends, patterns and competition that impact the product and delivering the right product message to the right audience.
Stop Searching Heaven and Earth for Data

Stop Searching Heaven and Earth for Data

Reading Time: 4 minutes Use Cases for Data Virtualization in the Cloud As more and more enterprise data moves to the cloud, it has become necessary for data integration initiatives to think past the earth-bound data center, where all enterprise data has been living…

Fast Data Strategy

Drinking from the fire hose of Fast Data?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Make data virtualization the crucial link to your Fast Data Strategy. Enterprises are quickly adopting data management strategies to derive value out of Fast Data. What is Fast Data? Fast Data or data in motion is streaming data generated at…

Data Management success

What is your Data Management Style?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Data management is the key to unlock the true potential of your business. The right combination of data management tools can make all the difference to your data strategy. Access to critical data can drive important business decisions and also…

Data Structured or Unstructured

Structured or Unstructured. No Problem

Reading Time: 2 minutes Anytime you hear the word data or big data, a constant stream of green numbers comes to your mind as in the movie, The Matrix. But there is more to data than that.  Data can be structured or unstructured. Multi-structured…