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Virtualizing the Data Warehouse
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Virtualizing the Data Warehouse

Reading Time: 3 minutes 2018 is exactly thirty years since I published the first data warehouse architecture. The core concepts of the architecture remain strong and viable. However, the evolution of both business needs and technology solutions over the intervening decades has led to…


Data Virtualization is a Revenue Generator

Reading Time: 7 minutes Many organizations have made it a high priority to implement a data virtualization solution. This makes sense, since traditional data warehouses can no longer keep pace with the explosive growth in data volumes and user queries. The logical data warehouse…


How Not To Get Stuck in a Big Data Landslide

Reading Time: 2 minutes We have entered an almost unprecedented era where data threatens to overwhelm us. We need efficient data management, but it all comes down to this: Without a way to simplify our consumption of this onslaught of data, businesses are in…