Data Integrity in the Cloud

Data Integrity in the Cloud

Reading Time: 2 minutes We hear a lot about data ‘in the cloud’, and if you’re working in a regulated environment like biotech/pharma, the idea of your data floating around in the ether may have you a little freaked out. But, whether your data…


Market Shifts in Data Integration Technology

Reading Time: 2 minutes It wouldn’t take a genius to notice the evolution of modern technology. In just the past ten years, we’ve watched the flip-phone transform into the smartphone and the automobile inch towards autonomy. Within our own space, we’ve noticed similar shifts,…

Is Data Virtualization the Holy Grail
Data Science

Is Data Virtualization the Holy Grail?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Anyone working in business intelligence and analytics must count themselves lucky. And I’m feeling lucky too. We were here when Tableau and Qlik set a seismic market shift in motion, from reliance on IT to business user independence, creating the…